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The Full Story

When we came across the pizzeria it was called Snappy’s Pizza, we knew it was a perfect match for us—everything from the name to the turtle mascot. Our daughter had a pet snapping turtle growing up named Snappy, which made us fall in love with this business.


We are now called CBJ Pizza, based on our first business, Chocolates by Julia. Keeping the turtle, however, was just as important as our new name. We treat every customer like they are a part of our family. Having the opportunity to share our passions with Huntsville has meant the world to us. 


Our mission is to bring the best and freshest pizza to Huntsville. We make our dough from scratch every morning and choose the best ingredients for our toppings. Here at CBJ Pizza, we serve all of your needs. Can’t decide where to eat? We have several options to choose from. Need to find food for an event? We also have you covered with our pizza offerings or custom menu catering services.

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